Wednesday, August 18, 2010

life in a bottle

The beach is empty.
Virgin again. In-human. Just nature.
It belongs to the Planet, not the Man.
The fresh waves washed away
yesterday's memories of
suntan oil
wet towels
human skin
fish and chips
hot beer
lusty looks
dirty dancing
on the waves...

The beach is clean and virgin. Again.
The first beach on Earth.
And you – the first man on Earth.
This can be your beach. If you tame it.
If you tread gently on the sand, and get a handful of water
and let it run between your fingers, and smell the seaweed
and listen to the rolling song of the waves.
And then, just as you're beginning to let go
of all your memories and feelings
and give in to the song-the sea-the morning:
The waves are bringing you a gift.

A bottle.
No 'message in a bottle' - just plain bottle.
It looks empty.
It looks full – of promises.
What will it be?
It depends on how you feel
in the moment of opening.
It can be a call from a distant shore,
or a bad hangover,
or the smooth taste of rum on your tongue
while you kiss the mulatica...

But if you let go of every feeling, every memory -
and just listen to the moment,
the great here and now,
the point where all dimensions dance together -
Then you'll release the true content of the bottle.
The Spirit of Life.
And it will grow and expand,
And it will take over the planet,
And it will be a new beginning.
It'll be a new planet.
This is a true act of creation.
It only happens once in a lifetime.
It only happens early in the morning.
It only happens if you come across
Life in a bottle.

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